• Varicose veins treatment cream

VariClear Cream by Dr. Shams

Varicose and Spider veins are caused due to improper blood flow. Over time, more blood gets stuck in the vein, building pressure that weakens the walls of the vein. This causes the vein to grow larger, and results in Varicose or Spider veins.

Product description:

  • Varicleare Cream can reverse Varicose & Spider veins resulting in smooth and healthy legs. When applied, Varicleare Cream, made from natural herbs absorbs into your veins. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it immediately stops and reverses swelling in just days allowing proper blood flow. Your veins will start to diminish, and within a few short weeks they will be completely gone!
  • Varicleare Cream is the most effective Varicose and Spider vein treatment cream. In just 1-3 weeks, it will eliminate and stop the pain, aching, swelling, and itching!
  • And in 30-60 days, it completely eliminates the visual & aesthetics. No more embarrassing varicose and spider veins!
  • Reduce and Completely Eliminate the Appearance & Stop the Aching, Pain, Itching, And Swelling!
  • Vein Defense Cream
  • Visibly Improved Varicose Veins and Spider Veins
  • With Natural Detoxifying and Firming Green Tea Extract
  • Organic Ingredients, Paraben-Free
  • For Flawless Looking Legs

Instructions how to use:

1-The affected area should be washed and dried properly.

2-Apply & Massage the Cream on affected skin daily twice a day.

3-Apply Vitiligo Natural Cream and deep massage with fingertips for 4-5 minutes every night. Repeat same in the morning.

6-If vitamins suit your body then we recommend adding vitamins B12, B9 and D3 to your diet. (its again your choice not mandatory)

7-Water intake is must. Recommended 2-4 liters of water every day.


Purified water, organic aloe vera, extracts of horse chestnut, locally wildcrafted yerba mansa & willow, arnica, vegetable glycerin, almond & sunflower oil, allantoin, eucalyptus & lemon oil, wild & organic kudzu root, Vit. E oil & grapefruit seed extract.


* Only for External use
* Cream need to be kept at room temperature or between 12-30 Degree Celsius
* Keep away from the reach of Children

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Varicose veins treatment cream

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